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Unique & creative design, responsive websites. Webdesign that boosts your business and stands out in the crowd.
A website that looks good on any device in just a few steps.
No-nonsense affordable web design.

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Elementor Pro

WordPress websites designed with Elementor Pro. The #1 WordPress website builder. Elementor is the leading site building platform for WordPress.


Search Engine Optimization. You want to be found on Google, Microsoft Bing and other search engines; of course! Preferably on top. Many factors play a role in ensuring that the website is immediately easy to find and CocoNuts takes care of this.

Creative Ideas

Let’s think outside the box! Creative, original and unique ideas for your website. A design that matches your wishes and industry. Nothing is too crazy, whether it concerns a simple landing page, an extensive website or webshop everything can be designed.

Responsive Design

Whether you visit your website on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile, it always looks good. The website is designed to be suitable for all devices. The layout of the website adapts to the screen on which the visitor views the website.

UX Design

UX stands for User Experience. A user-friendly and optimal online user experience for the website. In UX design, it is important to create a website that allows users to quickly find what they are looking for.

UI Design

UI stands for User Interface. Designing the user interface is all about the visual elements such as layout, fonts, colors and readability to achieve the perfect look and feel that suits your business.

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At CocoNuts your online success is our mission, it is your business card online! Whether you are a large company or a small start-up; the website must match your wishes. Look at a few websites CocoNuts designed here.